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Patented Sanitizing Cannabis Dryer

THC Therapeutics, Inc. is developing our patented dHydronator®, a sanitizing herb/plant dryer. The main function of the dHydronator is to greatly reduce drying time from weeks, to 12-14 hours. In addition to the accelerated drying time, the dHydronator® is capable of destroying surface bacteria and contaminants.

Innovation in Technology & Product Development

We have an experienced management team for our proprietary new market category technologies. The first of many products THC Therapeutics is developing is the patented dHydronator; a Sanitizing Herb Dryer with multiple design, function, and usage patents. This innovative product is specifically designed for drying and sanitizing freshly harvested cannabis, herbs, flowers, and tea leaves. Mold spores and other common allergens found on cannabis plants can result in consumer experiences of bronchitis, difficulty breathing, sore throat and many other flu-like symptoms. These contaminants are commonly found and can be very dangerous to those with compromised immune systems, and may complicate or prevent healing and recovery. In just a few minutes time, dHydronator technology prevents and/or destroys these contaminants.

Research & Testing Facilities

THC Therapeutics is seeking opportunities for acquisitions and mergers in research and testing facilities and exploring the potential of building a facility from the ground up. With the continuing development of medical use for cannabis, patients are increasingly seeking purer and cleaner forms of cannabis. We intend to use the best available equipment to ensure better health through the science of nature.

CBD Infused Edibles & Cannabis Related Supplements

THC Therapeutics is rapidly developing a line of CBD infused products for retail distribution.
Cannabidiol (CBD) oil comes from the Cannabis plant and has become a popular alternative therapy
for a range of conditions over the past few years. People report using CBD oil to help reduce pain,
anxiety, and sleep disorders. The potential in this industry seems limitless. THC Therapeutics can
utilize industry connections to produce edible foods and other concentrated forms of Marijuana for
the supply of dispensaries and retail sales outlets. With ingenuity and perseverance we plan to make a
lasting impact in this exciting field.

Pharmacological patents and products.

THC Therapeutics is highly interested in pursuing pharmacological patents and products. By utilizing connections that corporate management has cultured, THC Therapeutics is in a strong position to acquire proprietary products and patents.

Global cannabis consumer market value estimate.
Growth of the U.S. legal cannabis industry.

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