Better Health through the Science of Nature

THC Therapeutics, Inc. (THCT) is actively focused on developing their product pipeline which includes the dHydronator®, a patented sanitizing cannabis dryer.

Product Development

THC Therapeutics is continuing to develop our proprietary technology, This includes the dHydronator and other products in our pipeline.

M&A Strategy

THC Therapeutics is investigating a strategy for rapid growth in the dynamic cannabis industry by partnering with emerging-growth companies.

Vertical Integration

Our vision is to create value through integration under the THC Therapeutics brand. With this strategy we will drive growth and earn recognition as a premium cannabis supplier.


Growing a Vertically Integrated Company From Seed to Sale.

Cannabis and More


The industry starts with the plant. We are commited to cultivating quality cannabis.


We are creating value by processing the cannabis that we cultivate.


Quality cannabis needs quality brand communication. This is what sets us apart.


We are positioning ourselves to enter the psychedelics space at the earliest opportunity.

Integrative Medicine

We believe in wellness, in fact, its our mission. The products that we create further that mission.