The dHydronator®

The dHydronator®, an advanced variable environment, sanitizing cannabis dryer.


A Proprietary Product

THC Therapeutics, Inc. has received full patent protection for the dHydronator®. The United States Patent and Trademark Office (the “USPTO”) has approved all 20 claims in the patent application. The term of the patent provides 20 years of protection on the scalable intellectual property for the dHydronator®.


The main function of the patented dHydronator® is to provide an environmentally controlled enclosure which allows the user to reduce the moisture of cannabis and effectively dry out plant matter using a variety of methods. We have developed a product that can achieve an industry recognized relative humidity standard in less than 14 hours, or extend the drying process as long as desired for maximum terpene retention. We have a working prototype that has been tested and is proven to achieve a drying criteria of 8-15% moisture. The dHydronator has also been proven effective in eliminating the presence and viability of contaminants on any plant matter or objects placed into the dryer such as glass pipes and smoking accessories.

Advanced Air Filtration

We ensure the device does not introduce environmental contaminants by filtering all the air that enters the interior of the unit during operation. This provides for safer long term process control.


Engineered Environmental Control

Your ability to produce the best cannabis post harvest ultimately comes down to how well you can control the drying environment. We've engineered a solid-state dual temperature control system allowing for the user to set and maintain the internal temperature to 60°F above or below ambient temperatures. This precision thermal control system also allows the user to set a desired RH within the device. Take your process research to a new extreme with reporting and control previously only available to the elite grower.


Advanced Light Sanitization

The dHydronator® is equipped with an advanced sanitization system. This laboratory proven system is capable of reducing the microbial load (TAC) from failed cannabis down to passing levels*